Why choose Being Yoga

Live with passion, live with focus, live with intention. 

Here's a few reasons why we'd love to have you choose us to train with. 

  • 1. Our life work!

Your teacher training is taught by myself and my beautiful partner Vanessa Rudge. Both of us have very interesting stories as to how this all began, which I won’t bore you with too much! It’s enough to say that around 20 years ago, long before we met each other, both of us attended our first ever yoga class. Mine was in London and Vanessa’s in LA. We were both going through some tough times in our life. We both walked out of our first ever class, threw our old life in and just knew what we were going to do with the rest of our lives! Both of us have done nothing but teach yoga, create great courses, lead retreats and build yoga studios for the past 20 years.

It’s true to say that we both swallowed that magic pill called yoga and it changed our life. It has been our sole aim to share that passion with our students and inspire them to bring all the awesome aspects of yoga together to help sculpt a truly incredible life…

  • 2. A commitment to education!

We describe ourselves as specialist educators. We are not just a yoga school adding on a training course to make a few more dollars. We wanted to create one of the world’s best yoga training programmes. We set about studying the best systems of education, learning and development. We studied brain science, modern fitness systems and NLP plus the best language and communication systems to create a truly life enriching experience with our yoga courses. We take the absolute best parts from 10 000 years of yoga and apply them to modern systems of anatomy, movement, health, diet, mindset and lifestyle management. We truly believe that education should be loads of fun as well as deep, immersive and powerful. We’ve designed our courses so that you’ll remember these for years to come.

Yoga Teacher Training Courses

  • 3. Hands on learning

One of the things we learned in our studies is that human attention is dropping. People just don’t learn and remember like they used to. However, there are some great ‘hacks’ to help you learn better. We teach you loads of creative ways to support your learning.

In our experience, when you can teach something back to another person it shows you’ve really learned it. So, we get you teaching in a fun way to another friend from the very beginning. This not only helps learning but really starts building those brain cells of confidence from the outset. You learn to laugh at yourself, lighten up and just enjoy the often clunky game of learning something new.

  • 4. We offer loads of retreats and immersions

Something that really helped grow our passion for yoga was retreat. In the early days, Vanessa and I both had teachers who insisted we get away from life and devote ourself to our practice and learning while on retreat. This changed us a lot. It helped us really fall in love with the power of a daily yoga practice, meditation, self reflection, discipline and focus.

We’ve carried that tradition into our own trainings. On our teacher training courses you do up to 10 days on retreat. For some people this can seem like a lot but I guarantee you that these retreats are what you will remember the most. Time to disconnect from life, get super healthy, set some new priorities, let go of some bad habits and just think about your life from a different space. It’s also an amazing way to connect with like minded people.

  • 5. We create individuals not clones

One of the things our students love most about our courses is that we want every single person to find their own voice, be their own person and find out how they want to bring yoga to the world. It is of no interest to us to create fifty Being Yoga clones who just do what we do. Someone once told me that the mark of a great teacher is to hope that their students surpass them one day. Our aim is to inspire our students to find out what they are passionate about and then give them some structures to go and communicate this with the world. For some people this means being a great yoga therapist, for others it’s being an awesome vinyasa flow teacher, while for others it could mean sharing meditation and mindfulness with the world.

Yoga Teacher Training Courses

  • 6. Our strength is structure

Our training courses are famous for their structures and learning templates.We have refined our programmes over many years to bring you easy to apply principles so that your learning and teaching become effortless. We boil hundreds of alignment cues down to just three primary foundations in the body. We make teaching meditation and deep relaxation easy to understand. We help you understand how to sequence a yoga class for any level in an effortless way.

Brains love structure.  Learning becomes so much fun when you can first play with ideas without any fear of failure and then build them into solid formulas that you will use for the rest of your life. Above everything else, this is what sets Being Yoga apart from most other schools.

  • 7. Effortlessness in Action

Finally, and possibly most importantly is the real reason we teach these courses. This is summed up in three words – effortlessness in action.

As I often say on the first day of our trainings – eight Billion people on the planet all lined up doing the most perfect downward dog may look great for an Instagram pic but it won’t change the planet. On the other hand, 8 Billion people all living with peacefulness, calm, openness and ease in their life just might change the planet for the better.

All our programmes come from an underlying basis of using yoga as a tool to create more flow in life. Whether this be in the workplace, relationships, the sports field or on the yoga mat, this principle of finding effortlessness within the effort of your life is at the very heart of the ancient yoga tradition. It is what can truly change people’s lives.

It certainly did ours!

What’s next?

Make your move…

If you feel inspired to take the next step in your learning and education, please check out all our great courses and retreats at www.beingyoga.com.au or shoot us an email to have a chat about anything at all.freedom@beingyoga.com.au