Being Yoga Teachers Course FAQ

Refunds and Cancellations

After the first weekend of the course you are considered to have made a commitment to the entire training and there are no further refunds after this time.  This is because our courses are normally full with a waiting list and we have already booked and paid for your place on the retreat.   If for some reason you may be unable to complete the yoga teacher training course, we are happy for you to continue on a future course if possible. 

Refund of deposit:  The initial $300 deposit is refundable only if your enrolment is cancelled at least 6 weeks before the course commences.

You may contact us on an individual basis to discuss extenuating circumstances or to possibly defer your place onto the following course if necessary.

How much experience do I need to enrol for the Level I Teacher Training course?

There are no hard and fast rules but generally 6 – 12 months of consistent yoga practice is a minimum. Having said this though, our main pre-requisite is passion and drive. We have had people with one months experience join and become wonderful yoga teachers. Speak to us if you’re not sure.

How many hours is the Level 1 course?

The course currently contains both contact and non contact components. You are required to be present for 180 hours of contact training including hands on learning plus classes and then to complete a range of study and practice modules at home.

You are able to miss 2 contact days throughout the course and still graduate. However, we do recommend catching up all missed days on a subsequent course.

What if I can’t attend the retreats?

The retreats are very much an integral part of the experience. However, we understand that some people have family commitments that don’t allow them to stay overnight. In this instance you can commute for the daily session. If you simply can't get along to the current retreat then you are more than welcome to attend on the following course. However, in this instance there will be an extra charge as we have already paid for you on the first retreat.

Where is the training held?

Sunshine Coast teacher training programmes are all held at Being Yoga Studio, 6/13 Norval Crt, Maroochydore. Retreats are held at the Sunshine Coast.

Brisbane training is held at Soho Yoga - Ascot

For all other training programs, please refer to the information on that particular page.

Do I have to do all the teaching modules if I just want to learn more about yoga?

The first answer is No.

The second answer is - your question will probably change as the course progresses.

We have many people do our teacher training just to learn more about yoga and dive into this personally transformational experience. If this is the level you want to take it at, then that’s fine.

However, what we have found in every course so far is that once people connect with the deeper power of yoga and the collective energy of the group, they are more than happy to give teaching a go. It’s all very non threatening at first. You only teach to two other friends and we laugh at ourselves a lot! What people find is that learning to verbalise something they are doing in their body i.e. to speak what they are feeling, is often quite difficult. With just a little practice though, these new circuits start to be formed in the brain and body. You will find that this skill will be invaluable in many other aspects of your life.

The choice of course is always up to you.

Do I have to complete homework and assessments if I don’t want to teach?

The homework component is designed for your learning and growth. If you definitely don’t want to teach then you may choose to limit the amount of home study. You will still graduate with a certificate of Yogic Studies but not be able to formally teach.

What should I bring to training days?

Your own yoga mat, cushion, morning tea and lunch, water bottle, manual, pen and paper.

Do I need to be a graduate of Being Yoga to undertaken Level II programmes?

The short answer is No. We structure all our ongoing trainings so that teachers from all traditions can participate and enjoy learning from new sources. If bridging components need to be completed we will let you know.