Vanessa Rudge

Vanessas' first yoga class with Erich Schiffmann in 1993 was a defining moment, which awoke an incredible desire to teach and share yoga. During the next 7 years she devoutly practiced various yoga styles including Iyengar (with Nicky Knoff) and Astanga(with Graeme Northfield). Her own style of teaching vinyasa (flowing) yoga gradually emerged. Her emphasis is on using postures, breathing and meditation to liberate the body and mind of stresses and tensions and thereby reveal the radiant heart of love, joy and freedom. Her most recent teaching inspiration comes from Shiva Rea and Twee Merrigan who teach an evolutionary style of vinyasa yoga.

Vanessas' background includes raising two daughters, travelling and studying yoga in many parts of the world including L.A, U.K. and India and also running busy yoga centres on the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane. For many years she has facilitated both Level 1 and Level 2 Yoga Teacher Training Courses and loves sharing the insights and wisdom that has been gained from over two decades of living and breathing yoga. You can also enjoy nourishing Womens or Restorative Yoga Retreats with her on the Sunshine Coast.

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