Daniel Cuming

With a background in martial arts, hip hop, and high intensity interval training, Daniel had been introduced to yoga various times as a recommendation to supplement his training. However, he only answered yoga’s call after an ankle injury prevented him from performing much of his usual movement.

As they say; “When it rains it pours”. At an already tumultuous time in Daniel’s life, losing his ability to move and exercise regularly was losing his primary form of self-therapy. He decided to seek out a yoga studio to deepen his practice, & through immersing himself in what he thought would be a temporary way to safely exercise while injured, Daniel gained a new perspective on movement. Gaining the ability to move much more freely & with a new found power and control. As amazing as the physical benefits were, it was the shift in consciousness that brought Daniel to truly fall in love with yoga.

He became much more content, calm, and mindful, leading the way for him to return to his previous experience in meditation, & movement with renewed enthusiasm and clarity. Unified with Daniel’s passion for psychology, philosophy, and his playful attitude, he now strives to bring all these aspects together into teaching.

When he is not practicing yoga, Daniel can be found traveling the world, writing music, cooking plant-based foods, and climbing trees in the forest.

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