Christine Smith

Christine has been deepening & developing her own yoga practise over the past 15 years, teaching over the past 9 years.  She loves blending the 2 styles of Iyengar (alignment) and Vinyassa (flow) into her classes. The 2 are a perfect marriage offering flow & grace, and exploration within safety on the mat. This is reflected in classes that offer fluid transitions between postures whilst highlighting strength and alignment with a sense of ‘effortless effort’ and ease. The Vinyasa flow style of yoga has enhanced for Christine the art of allowing change, both on & off the mat, knowing that change is reflected all around us. 

Christine believes that yoga is a practice that is accessible to ALL people regardless of where they are in their bodies and their lives. She honours the journey of every individual student, ensuring they respect their own bodies, yet encouraging & challenging students to see their full potential.  Christine brings to her classes a sense of lightness and joy, whilst encouraging students to deepen their practice by ‘playing with their edges.’ She is constantly amazed at the transformative power that yoga holds for all people.