Yoga or Meditation Retreat Sunshine Coast FAQs

What should I bring on retreat?
  • ~ Your yoga mat
  • ~ Meditation Cushion
  • ~ Any other equipment you regularly use (block, strap etc)
  • ~ A journal & pen
  • ~ A few changes of yoga clothes. You will be practicing some form of yoga both morning and evening.
  • ~ A shawl or t-shirt for covering your shoulders at meal times
  • ~ Warmer loose fitting casual clothes for the evening sessions
  • ~ Your own towel and toiletries.
  • ~ Bedding is provided - though in winter you may like to bring extra blankets
  • ~ Torch may be helpful
  • ~ Insect repellent & sun cream
  • ~ Wet weather gear if it is forecast - umbrella, gumboots, raincoat
  • Where is Chenrezig Institute located?

    Please follow the extensive directions (scroll down to bottom of page) on their website to easily navigate your way to bliss.  View Chenrezig Website Directions Here >>

    When should I arrive? What time do we finish?

    Aim to Arrive at Chenrezig at 9.30am. We commence with a yoga class at 10am in the Community Room/Wellbeing Centre on the Thursday/Friday (depending on retreat) morning. You can aim to leave around noon on the Sunday or stay and enjoy lunch at the Big Love Cafe before heading home (then you may not need to cook dinner when you get home - bonus ;0)

    Your rooms may not be ready for you so it's best to leave your bags in the car and take them to your room at lunch. If you know that you are staying in the female dorms then you can take your bags directly to the community room.

    Our retreat is held in the Community Room, newly renamed the Wellbeing Centre. There is a map in the carpark for your information.

    How much money will I need?

    Your meal and accommodation costs are included in the retreat price. You may like to bring some extra cash for the beautiful desserts and chai tea in the Big Love Cafe :) Chenrezig also has a lovely book, Buddhist supplies and gift shop if you are interested.

    What sort of accommodation does Chenrezig have?

    Chenrezig Institute offers a range of accommodation options at the following prices:

    • ~ Dormitory rooms (3, 4 or 6 share)
    • ~ Motel rooms (twin shared rooms with shared bathroom)
    • ~ Motel room (single with shared bathroom - there are only 4 of these)

    The choice is yours, though the single options are usually the first to fill. If you are happy with shared twin accommodation you will be sharing with another retreat attendee.