Align Refine Teacher Training


Date: 17-May-2019
Time: Weekend 1: Friday 10.45am-4.45pm, Saturday 10.30am-5.30pm, Sunday 8.30am- 4pm. Weekend 2: Friday & Saturday 9am-5pm, Sunday 8.30am-4pm
Facilitator: Vanessa Rudge
Venue: Soho Yoga Ascot 17-19 May PLUS Soul Space Newmarket 7-9 June
Cost: $890 (includes a comprehensive manual, payment plans available) or $450 for a 3 day immersion

Align Refine - 6 days

(taught over 2 weekends)

This is a flagship course of the Being Yoga curriculum that takes a Level 1 knowledge of structural alignment to a richer level. This module is taught over 2 three day weekends.

The focus of the course is on deepening your understanding of safe alignment, anatomy and optimal posture in yoga.  You will receive a comprehensive 100+ page manual covering all aspects of this deep immersion in functional alignment.

Dates:   17-19 May Soho Yoga, Ascot AND 7-9 June Soul Space, Newmarket


Weekend 1 (Ascot):
Friday 10.45am-4.45pm
Saturday 10.30am-5.30pm
Sunday 8.30am-4pm

Weekend 2 (Newmarket):
Friday & Saturday 9am-5pm
Sunday 8.30am-4pm


Weekend One - 17-19 May, Soho Yoga, 68 Racecourse Road Ascot
Weekend Two - 7-9 June, Soul Space, 23 Parker Street Newmarket

Pricing:  Full Course 6 days - $890
                One 3 day immersion only $450
                Payment Plans Available. ($100 deposit and 2 payments of $395 over 2 consecutive months)

Bookings: You can book the first or second weekend on their own or the whole course.

This Align Refine Course is one of the most comprehensive trainings you will do on the principles of safe and effective alignment in yoga.  It takes your Level 1 understanding of asana to an exciting new level. Adding loads of modern science to our older understandings of body and movement, this training will not only revolutionise your own practice but give you tools to add to your teaching for decades. We often say to our students that when you fully digest this content you will be ahead of 90% of other people teaching yoga out there today. Taught over two progressive weekends, this course is a must for anyone interested in the body and how to create a sustainable and life long yoga practice. Each day begins and often ends with a Master Class. The remainder of the day is spent learning and applying these principles in small groups. A comprehensive 100+ page manual accompanies this training.

The two weekends are as follows:

Weekend 1 - Muscular Energy, Aligning the Pelvis and Hands on Adjusting 

This is a wonderful and very important session that will take your teaching of safe alignment to an entirely new level.  You will learn how to activate the muscles of your body so as to stabilise joints and also turn up the inner heat and focus. A simple yet highly effective template of how you can work with Muscular Energy in all postures is taught that will make your job of teaching effortless.  

From here you focus on learning a beautiful alignment template that works with spirals.  You will apply this to an understanding of the Pelvis and explore this in a range of postures.  

Alongside this you will be guided into a deeper exploration of how to use hands on adjustments to both support good alignment and also enhance the experience for advanced yogis.

Weekend 2 - Aligning the Shoulder, muscular co-activations and hands on adjusting

This 3 day training focuses more specifically on the shoulder joint and how you can safely align this in a range of postures.  This is explored in both weight bearing and non weight bearing postures.  You will explore inversions such as handstands and forearm balances.  You will also deepen your understanding of the anatomy of the shoulder and why certain traditional yoga instructions can actually damage the shoulder and create painful nerve impingement.

A new system of hands on adjustments is taught alongside this that dramatically changes the students experience in class.  These adjustments are done in a way to allow the student to discover their own perfect pose rather than imposing our version of it on them. 

Student teaching and revision from the first weekend will also form a large part of this weekend so that the information learned is able to applied immediately.

This is definitely a training not to be missed.