Fresh ginger- grated
Cardamon pods
Cinnamon stick
Star anise
Black pepper
Jaggery (optional)
Chai tea blend

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Use a suitable sized saucepan for the amount of chai you wish to make and be creative with your blend of spices.. I have listed them from top to bottom as larger to smaller quantities that I usually follow. Ideally you will blend the spices in a mortar
& pestle. Half fill the pot with water and place it on the heat adding the grated ginger and blended spices. If you are using jaggery to sweeten, you can add this as the water begins to heat. Bring the water almost to the boil, then add the tea and milk at
the same time. You can use plain leaf tea if you don't have a chai blend. Some milks may not be suitable to prepare this way.. traditionally dairy works well. Heat the chai until it is steaming but not boiling. Strain into a jug or another saucepan. I quite
often make a largish quantity, you can keep it hot in a flask or reheat over the day.. it will also keep well in the fridge overnight. Enjoy!

Yours to Enjoy, from Sherrelle